Be a part of the World’s Leading EdTech Sector with Some 400 Companies in Canada!

About Us

Welcome to the inaugural launch of the Canadian EdTech Alliance where education technology leaders can connect, share and grow.

2020 proved to be a pivotal year for EdTech with the onset of COVID-19 and the massive requirement for edtech tools and resources. While many companies thrived the majority have been left challenged to pivot and sustain facing a challenging education market where school visits were no longer permitted. Certain high touch technologies not permitted for use, the closure of makerspaces in schools and learning commons/libraries--the heart of a thriving school.

As chief curator, Robert Martellacci, founder of Mindshare Learning technology with over 20 years of EdTech expertise believed there was an essential need to research and define the vast and vibrant edtech community across Canada.

“We were amazed to discover some 400 EdTech Companies in existence and some great success stories that have gone on to thrive on a global scale. Yet as Canadians we’ve remained humble and not waved the flag collectively in any meaningful ways, says Robert Martellacci, Founder, MindShare Learning Technology. The Inspiration stemmed from this year’s 18th CanAm Celebration of Excellent Meetup in Florida at the Future of Education Conference we hosted. One of the Canadian Trade Commissioners challenged me to take the lead in creating such an organization. We’re passionate about learning technology and seeing our great country of Canada thrive.


In an effort to be inclusive, we’re inviting startups, consultants, EdTech investment community and EdTEch companies well on their way to be a part of this expansive Canadian community.

Startups, consultants,
& not for profits

up to 50 employees

$199 per year

EdTech / Finance

up to 50 employees

$495 per year

above 50 employees

$595 per year

Note: With COVID, we can discount $100 on each for this year.

Member Benefits

Directory listing

Professional Learning

Industry networking

Funding opportunities

Upcoming Event posting

Jobs & career section

Exposure to customers

Link to your store

Additional perks


List your upcoming events and conference as full members

Professional Learning

While we serve the education sector with extensive professional learning, it’s critical that as a professional network we offer webinars, micro credentialing PD opportunities

Research and Advisory

One of the common errors startups and companies make is not doing their homework in understanding market needs and readiness as well as having a pedagogical expert on staff. As a member you will have access to Canada’s to EdTech industry leader and enjoy discounted consulting rates as a full member of the CETA


With a vast network of some 400 companies across Canada, there’s an opportunity to host national virtual networking events as well as smaller regional events.


Careers in EdTech tend to be highly specialized in a relatively new and burgeoning space which makes it difficult to fill vacancies. As a member, you will have the opportunity to post job opportunities and seek the support of a skilled executive search services consultant.

Advisory Board

The advisory board will be made up of a diverse and well represented regional collective of EdTech leaders who will provide insight on trends and opportunities across Canada and beyond. If you’d like to nominate an individual please email their name and short bio with an explanation why you feel the individual would be a great fit.

Contact Us

Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech
Chief Catalyst, Founder
Founder and CEO, MindShare Learning Technology